The year 2008 (MMVIII) was the twenty-seventh year of the A Real American Hero brand.


The year 2008 saw the continuation of the 25th Anniversary line - what was originally meant to be a limited one-year series was now a verified success. But since the actual anniversary year was over, fans were left to come up with new terminology. As the now-retired Sigma 6 toys disappeared from the shelves, stores made various decisions about the new 4" line. Some locations devoted decent portions of aisles to the Joes, on a par with the now-struggling Transformers and always-popular Star Wars sections, while others did not stock the toys at all. Many retailers gave the figures a column next to cheaper The Corps! figures. Despite the inconsistency, finding figures was easier than during the 2007 Christmas season as the rate of new releases slowed to a manageable pace.

Fans mostly raved about the new designs for characters getting their first shot at a Generation 3 mold. Complaints primarily had to do with the sheer number of figures (hard on the pocketbook, but no worse than 2002-2005) and with the frequent reissues of Duke, Snake-Eyes, Cobra Commander, and Storm Shadow, already the most common figures (again, not a new problem). In any case, the G3 figures had come to dominate Joe discussion, and both old- and new-school collectors gravitated toward this line. Generation 3 saw its first vehicles released, first as the Target-exclusive "Attack on Cobra Island" series, followed by wide releases. The Comic Packs returned and received attention for their Doc mail-away promotion, which would begin shipping in May. Meanwhile, the summer convention, scheduled this year for June 27-29, would continue to feature old-sculpt repaints.

Devil's Due Publishing's license to produce G.I. Joe comics expired this year, and they brought a spectacular end to the A Real American Hero comics continuity begun in 1982 with the well-received "World War III" storyline.


Carded Figures

Generation 3 - Series 5

Generation 3 - Series 6

Generation 3 - Series 7

Generation 3 - Series 8

Generation 3 - Series 9

Generation 3 - Series 10

Generation 3 - Series 11

Generation 3 - Series 12

Toys "Я" Us exclusives

Cobra Night Watch

Crimson Guard

Firefly vs. G.I. Joe Troopers

Snake-Eyes vs. Red Ninja Troopers

Senior Ranking Officers

G.I. Joe Air Command

G.I. Joe Sea Command

Iron Grenadier Command

DVD Battles

The DVD Battles sets included figures based on the Sunbow series, a five-episode DVD and a piece to build the M.A.S.S. device.

Set 1: The M.A.S.S. Device

Set 2: The Revenge of Cobra

Set 3: Arise, Serpentor, Arise!

Set 4: The Pyramid of Darkness

Set 5: Best of '80s Episodes

Extreme Conditions

Set 1: Desert Assault Squad

Set 2: Arctic Assault Squad

Comic Packs

Comic Pack #1

Comic Pack #14

Comic Pack #21

Comic Pack #21B

Comic Pack #24

Comic Pack #25

Comic Pack #30

Comic Pack #32½

Comic Pack #36½

Comic Pack #86

Comic Pack #115

Comic Pack #4

Comic Pack #5

Comic Pack #6

Comic Pack #7

Comic Pack #8

Comic Pack #9

Comic Pack #10

Comic Pack #11

Comic Pack #12


Target exclusives

Attack on Cobra Island: The first G3 vehicles were exclusive to Target stores, and all shared the "Attack on Cobra Island" branding.

Ultimate Battle Pack: The most expensive set of the year, this set included quite a few Joes and Cobras, plus vehicles for both sides.

Collector's Club Exclusives

Direct-to-Consumer - Series 4

Convention Exclusives

Mailaway offers

  • Operation: Rescue Doc
Included with G3 Comic Packs. Cobra Commander sent a note boasting that he'd brainwashed Doc, the key to success of his newest evil plan.
Figures Available: Doc.


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No animation was produced this year.

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