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The A.P.C. is a G.I. Joe vehicle from the A Real American Hero series.
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From Blueprint:

1) 50mm single-fire auto-control cannon
2) Shell-proof tined butyratep portholes
3) Off-road flotation tires on modular alloy rims
4) Engine air intake
5) Engine oil-air intercooler
6) Primary climate control systems
7) Turret drive maintenance hatch
8) Turret drive support systems
9) Emergency aid kit/tool kit (road tools on tailgate)
10) 1.5" torpedo resistant hull armor
11) Canvas personnel cover
12) Rear four-wheel drive
13) Auxiliary air purifier
14) Telescoping bumper
15) Hydraulic suspension fluid reservoir
16) Watertight hull entry hatch
17) Propeller hatch door

From Order of Battle:

Armaments: 1x105mm turret-mounted recoilless automatic cannon with 225 rounds of high explosives, armor piercing ammunition.
Crew Capacity: 2 crew, 28 passengers
Weight: (fully loaded) 10.7 tons
Speed: (fully loaded) 35 miles per hour
Range: (fully loaded) 375 miles


Comics continuity

Animated continuity

The A.P.C. from the A Real American Hero animated continuity.



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