The G.I. Joe comics represent the longest running continuity for a comic based on a toy line property. The original run was started by Marvel Comics in 1982 and ended in 1994. There was a break of about 6 years before the comics rights was picked up again by another company, Devil's Due Publishing. When the new comics were published for the second time, Devil's Due utilized the same continuity that was started by Marvel Comics. After purchasing away the rights to the comics stories by Marvel, Hasbro has also begun their contributions to this continuity.


Marvel published the following books that utilized this continuity:

  • G.I. Joe - the original 155-issue run. It has been retroactively labeled as volume 1 by sections of the fan community.
  • G.I. Joe Yearbook
  • Special Missions - a spin-off from the main comics title by Marvel Comics.

There are also Transformers-related events that took place within this continuity, but they have been largely ignored or completely disregarded. These include:

  • G.I. Joe and the Transformers - a limited series bringing together the two Hasbro franchises.
  • G.I. Joe issues #138 to 142 - a story designed to tie into and promote the launch of the new Transformers: Generation 2 comic.
  • Transformers: Generation 2 - continuing that story and featuring some later cameos by members of the G.I. Joe Team.
For a complete listing of all G.I. Joe books published by Marvel regardless of continuity, see Marvel Comics.

Devil's Due

Devil's Due published fiction that continued this continuity:

For a complete listing of all G.I. Joe books published by Devil's Due regardless of continuity, see Devil's Due Publishing.


In 2008, as part of Generation 3, Hasbro released several Comic Packs that featured new stories by Larry Hama. The stories are set in the Marvel era and work in and around the stories there.


In 2010, IDW Publishing invited Larry Hama to pick up where he left off with G.I. Joe #155, allowing him to tell the continuing story of G.I. Joe the way he wants to.

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