Action Force #10 was released on 3rd May 1987.

Original material

Moroccan Roll!

Dusty, Lady Jaye and Alpine have arrived in Casablanca, capital of Morocco, to meet with Farouk, a Cobra defector in the marketplace. But just as he arrives a snake-charmer raises his pipe and blows a dart that hits Farouk in the neck. Dusty and Alpine pursue the assassin whilst Lady Jaye checks Farouk,who tells her the dart was tipped with Cobra venom but he has time to tell her what he knows. Meanwhile the assassin grabs a horse so Dusty and Alpine race to the A.W.E. Striker, only to find the tyres have been stolen. Instead they take a couple of horse and pursue the assassin down an ally way, only to find they are ambushed by two more operatives. They soon overcome and capture all three but the assassins declare they would rather die than betray Cobra and take venom capsules. Lady Jaye arrives and tells her comrades that before he died Farouk told her Cobra have taken over the Argent Corporation oil rig in the North Sea and intend to destroy it with all on board!

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Action Force Cobra

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Items of note

  • This story was later reprinted in G.I. Joe Comics Magazine #8.

Reprinted material

Eleven pages of "Zartan!" from G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #25. Some of the dialogue was changed as follows:

  • On the seventh page dialogue referring to the Baroness and Major Bludd's betrayal of Cobra Commander (events not reprinted in the UK) was altered to refer to her and Wild Weasel's wrecking of Rattler in "Shake Down!" which had been previously reprinted in Action Force issues #3 and #4.

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The letters page continues to print letters about the early issues.

Combat Colin

Combat Colin is invited to join a cricket team and brings his tank along!

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Items of note