Action Force #13 was released on 24th May 1987.

Original material

The Man in the Silver Mask

A week after Action Force attacked his oil rig and escaped[1] Destro has come to Casablanca. He enters a home and declares he has come to pay his respects to Farouk. Inside he finds the agent alive and well, having only faked his death.[2] They reminisce about how they last met when Destro was his father's apprentice running guns for the Arabs. Meanwhile a servant who is a spy for Action Force rushes to a telephone, but Destro shoots him with a wrist rocket.

Later Farouk takes Destro to his sanctum and explains that M.A.R.S. has expanded heavily since allying with Cobra. Destro needs a workout and so jumps down to where four Cobra Troopers are training and rapidly overpowers them all. He tells Farouk the importance of the human body as a weapon. Later still Farouk shows Destro the business figures. Destro is pleased that thanks to the oil rig fiasco Action Force is limited, allowing operations in North Africa to proceed uninterrupted. Farouk asks about Cobra Commander but Destro responds that the Cobra leader has no interest in the details, so "I run Cobra my way."

Featured characters

Action Force Cobra
  • Spy (3)


Items of note

Reprinted material

Eleven pages of "Snake-Eyes: The Origin Part II" from G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #27. "Part II" was omitted from the title and the Mission Control contents page numbered this half as Part Three.

Mail Call!

The letters page prints letters on a variety of subjects and confirms that although an Action Force cartoon exists in the US there are currently no plans to screen it in the UK.

Action Art

This issue contains the first Action Art printing reader's drawings.

Combat Colin

Combat Colin and Semi-Automatic Steve take Colin's new plane for a spin but find the garden path isn't long enough for a runway!

Action Force toy adverts


Items of note


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