Action Force #2 was released on 8th March 1987.

Original material

Cut and Run

Flint sends a written report to Trent detailing the events that occurred...

Snake-Eyes and Scarlett have arrived from Action Force's American team to pick up the captured Eel.[1]. At Westminster tube station they walk down onto the tracks and into the tunnels until they reach an alcove and enter Action Force's London headquarters. Inside they meet with Flint who offers to show them around first and reassures them the Eel is safely guarded by Footloose. However in the cell the Eel has overpowered Footloose and flees. Flint takes Scarlett and Snake-Eyes to the SIMCOM room as they need to perform regular training to maintain their ninja skills. Before they reach the room the Eel has entered and taken the place of a robot Eel used for training. Scarlett and Snake-Eyes enter and from the control room Flint activates Eel Program One with four robots. The pair rapidly overcome three but then the fourth robot appears without a costume, confusing Snake-Eyes. The real Eel knocks Snake-Eyes out and shoots Scarlett in the arm.

Flint's report explains that the Eel escaped through an inlet into the Thames. Immediate pursuit was not possible but Flint realised that if he Snake-Eyes tracked the Eel they could locate Cobra's London base.

Featured characters

Action Force Cobra


Items of note

  • This story was later reprinted in Action Force Monthly #9.
  • The first page has a warning notice printed vertically to the left telling readers that "Scarlett and Snake Eyes are highly trained Action Force personnel - on NO account should you play on London Underground tracks."
  • When Snake-Eyes sees the undressed Eel robot the punctuation marks "!" and "?" are drawn next to his head.

Reprinted material

Eleven concluding pages of "Best Defense" from G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #50 was reprinted. For the UK printing the spelling was anglicised to "Best Defence".

Non Action Force strips

This issue begins a reprint of "My Brother's Keeper" from Marvel US's Amazing High Adventure #5. The story tells of two brothers in the US Air Force in 1955 involved in a test run for a bomber to see if it can carry parasite fighter planes, but a spy tries to capture the bomber.

Free gift

This issue itself was a free gift that came bagged with Issue #1.