Action Force #23 was released on 2nd August 1987.

Original material

Gas Masque!

Flint reports how Tony Lander, a Cobra Trooper, broke into the Ministry of Defence's Dartmoor installation, killing several staff and stealing a cannister. He is now threatening to open it and release a lethal nerve gas into the atmosphere.

Flint, Alpine, Quick Kick and Heavy Metal speed along in the A.W.E. Striker to the abandoned warehouse where Lander is. Heavy Metal remembers how he and Lander were school friends:

Heavy Metal told on two pupils who cheated at a maths test so they beat him up. But Tony stopped them. "Look upon it as a personal favour you owe me, Steve."

They reach the warehouse which is sealed off by the police. Heavy Metal has decided to try and convince Lander to give himself up, with Alpine and Quick Kick standing by as back-up. Heavy Metal reaches the roof and asks to talk with Lander but the latter has been driven mad by the things he's seen Cobra do and done himself and wants to die, "and everyone deserves to die with me!" This desperate talk makes Alpine and Quick Kick start climbing the wall. Meanwhile Heavy Metal tries to talk his old friend out of it but Lander reaches for the cannister lid. Alpine leaps over and jumps him, but Lander hits him in the face with the cannister. Quick Kick leaps forward and kicks Lander, who drops the cannister. Lander reaches for the cannister but Heavy Metal aims his gun, telling him he doesn't want to but he'll shoot if he has to. There is a tense stand-off.

Suddenly a gun fires and Lander falls dead. Heavy Metal looks up to see Destro aboard a F.A.N.G., holding a smoking gun. The arms dealer tells him that Lander was endangering thousands, including many of the Cobra elite, for nothing and needed "to be put down". He claims to have done Heavy Metal a favour but the latter isn't convinced.

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Action Force Cobra

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Action Force Cobra


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Reprinted material

Eight pages of "The Mountain!" from G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #32.

Non Action Force strips

This issue continues the Master of Kung Fu back-up strips, reprinting part of "A Gulf of Lions" from Master of Kung Fu volume 1 #30. The title was changed to "The Crystal Connection" to present the strip as a single story.

Mail Call!

The letters page prints letters on a variety of subjects, with most coming from the USA.

Combat Colin

Combat Colin has been practising martial arts and asks Semi-Automatic Steve to try and blast him with a bazooka whilst he disarms him with Kung Fu. Colin can't even remember the words to shout and gets blasted!


Items of note


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