Action Force #3 was released on 15th March 1987.

Original material

Run to Ground

Flint's report continues as he details the pursuit of the escaping Eel.[1]

The Eel emerges from the sewers on a street in London to encounter a gang of punk thugs who try to mug him. He overpowers them all and takes the clothes of one. Flint and Snake-Eyes soon reach the site and realise they are close. The Eel boards a bus but discovers the clothes don't have any money in them to pay for the fare so he assaults the conductor and jumps off as the bus passes St. James's Park. Snake-Eyes and Flint pursue him through the park but the Eel reaches a branch of Tastee-Burger and goes inside. Realising that this is Cobra's London headquarters, Flint and Snake-Eyes prepare to storm the base. Snake-Eyes climbs up to the roof to find an observation point but finds a helicopter taking off, piloted by Destro. Flint reaches the roof to find it empty.

Featured characters

Action Force Cobra Others
  • Punk thugs (2)
  • Bus conductor (5)

Featured Vehicles & Equipment

Action Force


  • St. James's Park is wrongly punctuated as "St. James' Park".

Items of note

Reprinted material

Seven pages of "Shake Down!" from G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #34 were reprinted.

Non Action Force strips

This issue concludes the reprint of "My Brother's Keeper" from Marvel US's Amazing High Adventure #5. The story tells of two brothers in the US Air Force in 1955 involved in a test run for a bomber to see if it can carry parasite fighter planes, but a spy tries to capture the bomber. The younger brother proves himself saving the day.

Action Force toy adverts

Free gift

The issue came with a free poster of the cover featuring Flint.


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