Action Force #30 was released on 20th September 1987.

Original material

Sky Strike! Part Two

Above the Amazonian Jungle the Skystriker heads for the ground with Lady Jaye assuming they are doomed but Ace engages the throttle and refires the engines, pulling up and only just scraping the jungle trees. Meanwhile the battle continues and the Skystriker returns in time to drive off the last F.A.N.G.s. Flint is concerned that Action Force have lost the element of surprise in attacking the Cobra supply base but Ace tells him not to worry.

Featured characters

Action Force Cobra

Featured Vehicles & Equipment

Action Force Cobra


Items of note

Reprinted material

  • Seven pages of "All the Ships at Sea!" from G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #36. For unknown reasons Snow Job's name was relettered to "Frostbite" on the last page despite being called by his correct name in the rest of the printing of the story.
  • Five pages of "Triple Play" from the G.I. Joe Yearbook #2, with the story renamed "The Return of the Oktober Guard!"

Intelligence Profile

This issue contains an Intelligence Profile factfile on Lady Jaye. For Action Force she retains the name Alison R. Hart-Burnett but was now born in County Cork, Ireland.

Unintelligence Profile

This issue also contains an Unintelligence Profile factfile on Combat Colin in the same style as the Intelligence Profile series but with a humorous vent to it. His place of birth is given as "a hospital bed".

The T.A.C. Page

This issue contains a T.A.C. Page "supplement" featuring a two page picture of the Skystriker XP-14F with all its features pointed out. It came as a free poster (see below).

Mail Call!

The letters page prints letters on a variety of subjects.

Combat Colin

In place of the regular strip is the Unintelligence Profile on Colin.

Action Force toy adverts

Free gift

The issue came with a free poster containing the T.A.C. Page supplement.


Items of note

  • Despite previous promises the cover artist is not identified.


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