Action Force #33 was released on 11th October 1987.

Original material

Sunday Drivers Part One

It is a Sunday. At a test range Bazooka destroys a captured Stinger using the regular gun on the A.W.E. Striker and is due to compare the results using a new core support gun. He chats with the latter's inventor, Phelps, about what it can do. Meanwhile Buzzer and Ripper have cut their way into the test range. And at a retirement home old soldier Alfred Taylor heads off for a walk.

At the test range Bazooka turns round to see Phelps has been knocked out and the Dreadnoks point their guns at him. Buzzer uses his chainsaw to cut the new gun off the Striker and the two Dreadnoks take off, mocking the weak security. Elsewhere Taylor reaches the local shopping precinct which is deserted as usual for a Sunday and he sits down on a bench by a fountain. At the range Bazooka boards the Striker, telling a revived Phelps that he doesn't want this reported. Phelps agrees to give him an hour before reporting. Bazooka follows a trail of destruction and catches up with the Dreadnoks as they enter the shopping precinct. Bazooka drives past Taylor and heads forward. But up ahead Ripper and Buzzer have set up the gun and prepare to fire at Bazooka!

Featured characters

Action Force Cobra Others
  • Phelps (2)
  • Alfred Taylor (5)

Featured Vehicles & Equipment

Action Force Cobra


Items of note

Reprinted material

  • Eight pages of "Judgments" from G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #38. Curiously the title was not anglicised to "Judgements". Several changes were made as follows:
    • The third page of the original featuring the snack bar and briefing was excised.
    • The fourth and fifth pages of the original were reversed.
  • Five pages of "Triple Play" from the G.I. Joe Yearbook #2, with the story renamed "The Return of the Oktober Guard!"

Combat Colin

Combat Colin is told where to stick it by Gladys, who prefers the brainy type. Semi-Automatic Steve is glad that Colin's new object of desire is "a Quad-barrelled Peacebuster Lightweight Bazooka Gun!"


Items of note