Action Force #34 was released on 18th October 1987.

Original material

Sunday Drivers Part Two

Buzzer and Ripper are about to blast Bazooka but he turns the A.W.E. Striker at the last moment and crashes into a women's clothes store. The Dreadnoks speed off on their motorcycles through the precinct and Bazooka chases them around, with Alfred Taylor pointing the way to find them more than once. The Dreadnoks smash through a hardware store, sending cans of oil rolling all over the place. They head downstairs but Taylor has spread a large puddle of oil and they crash, dropping the gun. The Dreadnoks decide to flee. As Bazooka retrieves the gun he thanks Taylor and suggests a medal but Taylor's chest is already full of them. Bazooka salutes the old soldier and heads back for the test range.He radios Phelps to tell him the weapon has been retrieved but Flint is also there. He tells Bazooka that no doubt he's figured out the gun has a fundamental design flaw and doesn't work. As Flint leaves he notes he spotted a hole in the fence and orders him to send Bazooka to the shops to buy some fencing.

Featured characters

Action Force Cobra Others
  • Alfred Taylor (4)
  • Phelps (6)

Featured Vehicles & Equipment

Action Force


Items of note

Reprinted material

  • Nine pages of "Judgments" from G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #38. Curiously the title was not anglicised to "Judgements". The four pages involving Storm Shadow and Billy were not reprinted until issue #41.
  • Four pages of "Triple Play" from the G.I. Joe Yearbook #2, with the story renamed "The Return of the Oktober Guard!"

The T.A.C. Page

This issue contains a T.A.C. Page "supplement" featuring a two page picture of the A.W.E. Striker with all its features pointed out. It came as a free poster (see below).

Mail Call!

The letters page prints letters on a variety of subjects and confirms the chain of command for several regions. Action Force is commanded in the mountains and Arctic by Frostbite and in the Middle East by Dusty whilst South East Asia comes under the jurisdiction of the American team led by Hawk.

Combat Colin

Beginning a new Combat Colin epic. Colin and Semi-Automatic Steve learn of Egyptian pyramids disappearing so they fly to Egypt to investigate. But on their flight they foil a terrorist and fall out of the plane!

Action Force toy adverts

Free gift

The issue came with a free poster containing the T.A.C. Page supplement.


Items of note


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