Action Force #35 was released on 25th October 1987.

Original material

Violent Lives! Part One

Flint and Lady Jaye stand at the entrance to the Action Force Weapons Testing Range in Stonebury, defending it from an attack by a squad of Cobra soldiers. They thin down the numbers and send the rest retreating but Destro arrives by helicopter and breaks into the control room inside to steal secret plans. Jaye rushes to confront Destro despite Flint's warning. Destro emerges from the cabin to find his accompanying Troopers dead. Lady Jaye steps out to confront him but Destro shoots her in the head and leaves. Flint curses Destro for killing Lady Jaye and swears "if needs be I'll tear you apart with my bare hands!"

Featured characters

Action Force Cobra

Featured Vehicles & Equipment



Items of note

Reprinted material

Mail Call!

The letters page prints letters on a variety of subjects, with answers delivered in character by Combat Colin and Semi-Automatic Steve.

Combat Colin

Continuing a new Combat Colin epic. Colin and Semi-Automatic Steve use a supply of hankies to make a parachute then enter the Great Pyramid of Cheops, unaware that a mummy is waiting inside!


Items of note


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