Action Force #36 was released on 1st November 1987.

Original material

Violent Lives! Part Two

At the London Headquarters of M.A.R.S. Flint storms into Destro's office and throws the solitary Cobra guard out of the window. He then confronts Destro about Lady Jaye,[1] who is intensive care but will live. Flint pulls a gun on Destro, who knocks it aside, and the two adversaries fight hand to hand. Eventually Flint overpowers Destro and picks up his gun to shoot the arms dealer. But Flint finds himself hesitating about killing a foe in cold blood. He eventually lowers the gun and walks out. Flint thinks that he lives a violent life but knows "the day I let the violence in my life consume me so totally that I become as evil as the people I fight is the day I die." As he leaves Destro tells him in the reverse situation, "I would have pulled the trigger."

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Action Force Cobra


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Reprinted material

Combat Colin

Continuing a new Combat Colin epic. Colin and Semi-Automatic Steve enter the Great Pyramid of Cheops to be confronted by a mummy. As they run the mummy summons a helicopter drone which flies the pyramid away.

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