Action Force #39 was released on 22nd November 1987.

Original material


Lady Jaye remembers being shot by Destro[1] but then things went red. She finds herself in a jungle, confronted by a huge snake.

In the hospital a doctor tells Flint that Lady Jaye is in a coma but some people stay in them for years. However the signs are good that she is fighting the coma.

Lady Jaye runs from the snake but it shouts that she can't run or hide and has no weapons.

Suddenly Lady Jaye's life signs change, indicating the coma won't let her go.

Lady Jaye runs through the jungle, grabbing branches as she goes, and creates a bow & arrow. The snake continues to taunt her.

The doctor tells Flint there is nothing he can do and Lady Jaye is on her own.

Lady Jaye confronts the snake but it grabs her with its tail. As it lifts her up towards its mouth it tells her that it is what she always feared - death.

Suddenly Lady Jaye's heart rate flat lines and she is about to die.

Lady Jaye fires the an arrow at the snake's head, killing it.

Lady Jaye wakes up and Flint rushes to hug her. She is scared at first but relaxes as she realises it is him.

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Reprinted material

  • Nine pages of "Ties That Bind" from G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #42. Three pages involving Storm Shadow and Billy were not reprinted until issue #41, whilst the page of Fred II seeing the V.A.M.P. leave, going into pursuit and planting the homing device was excised.
  • Five pages of "Ambush" from G.I. Joe: Special Missions #8.

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Combat Colin

Continuing a new Combat Colin epic. Colin and Semi-Automatic Steve fight the Kung-Fu Penguins to no avail but then Steve starts his Whitney Houston impression and drives them away. They turn to confront Aunt Arctic but she summons Arnold - the 5000 year old unstoppable mummy - who is tone death!


Items of note