Action Force #41 was released on 6th December 1987.

Original material

Law of the Jungle Part Two

Snake-Eyes struggles with the tiger but it is clear he is going to die. Meanwhile Storm Shadow is running through the jungle when he is suddenly reminded of serving with Snake-Eyes in a jungle before his uncle, the Hard Master, was killed and he went undercover in Cobra to find the killer.[1] He remembers saving Snake-Eyes's life. The law of the jungle is that the strong survive and the weak died, but Storm Shadow has broken that law before and decides to do so again. He pounces on the tiger and kills it. Then he turns to Snake-Eyes. Both are too weak to fight and so they have reached a stalemate. Snake-Eyes produces a grenade and attaches it to the black box then strows it and it is destroyed. Storm Shadow approves of the solution and asks what they will tell their superiors. Snake-Eyes produces a piece a plating.

Two days later Storm Shadow reports to Cobra Commander in Cobra's north-east Asia base. Cobra Commander is furious that they lost two stingers for a piece of mangled plating, but at least Action Force didn't get the information. In Action Force's base in the region Trent debriefs Snake-Eyes and apologises that it was all for nothing. Both ninjas maintain each other's secrets.

Featured characters

Action Force Cobra Others
  • Tiger (2)


Items of note

Reprinted material

  • The issue reprinted all scenes involving Storm Shadow and Billy from their escape from Springfield onwards, plus the reaction of Cobra Commander, the Baroness and Destro from "Judgments" from G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #38, "Walk Through the Jungle" from #39 and "Ties That Bind" from #42. All these had been excluded from the stories' respective reprints in earlier issues of Action Force. The twelve pages were given the umbrella title of "Shadows of Death!"

Intelligence Profile

This issue contains an Intelligence Profile factfile on Storm Shadow.

Combat Colin

Following the events of last issue Combat Colin and Semi-Automatic Steve are assumed dead by the world. But they have been blown clear of the blast and are captured by a submarine commanded by Cap'n Barnacle. They short-circuit the controls to blast the submarine home!


Items of note


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