Action Force #42 was released on 13th December 1987.

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At Action Force's London headquarters a now recovered Lady Jaye hits Flint and demands to know why he didn't kill Destro[1] after the arms dealer shot her.[2] Flint tells her "that's not my job" which angers her further. She reminds him that he had the chance to remove "one of the bad guys for good" and sometimes it is "a case of kill or be killed". She continue to remind him Destro nearly killed her and rants further. Flint suddenly lashes out, hitting her. He points out how easy it is to lash out and tells her to fight him. She refuses to rise to the bait as he goes on. He suggests "maybe I'm not fit to live either". But Lady Jaye isn't convinced - she knows about the danger of killing making one as bad as those one kills, but thinks Destro is an exceptional case. Flint responds they don't have an unrestricted licence to kill, but as Lady Jaye leaves she says that the next time Destro kills it will be a killing Flint could have prevented. Flint responds "it's not an easy thing to forget."

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Action Force


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Reprinted material

  • Eleven pages of "Crossroads" from G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #43.

Intelligence Profile

This issue contains an Intelligence Profile factfile on Buzzer.

Mail Call!

The letters page prints letters on a variety of subjects.

Combat Colin

Combat Colin and Semi-Automatic Steve go to buy a Christmad tree but have some problems first getting it home then decorating it!

Action Force toy adverts


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