Action Force #43 was released on 20th December 1987.

Original material

Silent Night

It is Christmas Eve. In the Norwegian Arctic Circle Footloose and Frostbite are defending a derelict base from an attack by three Snow Serpents on Ferrets. They dive inside the base garage and Frostbite emerges driving the Snow Cat followed by Footloose on the Polar Battle Bear. One of the Ferrets is immediately destroyed but then the Snow Cat takes a direct hit. Footloose drags an unconscious Frostbite clear but before he can get him to the base a Ferret comes in for the kill. Footloose fires a grenade short which blasts a hole in the ice that the Ferret falls into. Footloose thinks to himself that the ice cold water will kill the Snow Serpent in seconds but then wonders if that would make him a cold blooded murderer. He throws a rope to the Snow Serpent and pulls him free, telling him that it's Christmas "a time of goodwill to all men, even the likes of you."

That night Footloose, Frostbite and their prisoner gather round a fire, their only food coming in bar form. Frostbite doesn't like the turkey, stuffing & brussel sprouts bar but Footloose tells him to eat up as there will then be plum pudding.

Featured characters

Action Force Cobra

Featured Vehicles & Equipment

Action Force Cobra


  • There are three Snow Serpents on Ferrets at the start of the story but only two are accounted for during its course.

Items of note

Reprinted material

  • Ten pages of "Crossroads" from G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #43. The page featuring Billy and the nuns was excised, and a caption added to state that Chuck's car had picked him up.
  • Five pages of "Showdown!" from G.I. Joe: Special Missions #5.

Combat Colin

Combat Colin and Semi-Automatic Steve discover that no-one has received any presents from Santa so go searching, discovering a spy has taken Santa's place. They defeat him and rescue the real Santa, but he is too dazed to deliver so Colin tries climbing down chimneys to get the presents to children.


Items of note


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