Action Force #45 was released on 3rd January 1988.

Original material

Destro: Down and Out! Part Two

In the street Jenna smashes a pot over the head of the Cobra Trooper who has captured the amnesiac Destro, known to her as "Silver", and the two run to the cheers of market traders. Destro thinks how he caused the death of Jenna's grandfather[1] and must make sure he leaves before he causes her death as well. They bury her grandfather then return home where he tells her he must leave the next day. He says he still can't remember who he is and she asks if there is he can remember, such as his father. Destro has a flash of memory of a man in a suit and the silver mask but states he can't remember anything at all. Jenna asks him to take her with her and he says she can come but there wil be no peace from "the serpent men". Later he rests and remembers:

A young Destro was confronted by his father who knew about his business schemes and disapproved on what it would do to the family name. Destro responded that his father was holding the family back. This angered his father who declared "I wear the Silver Mask" but Destro pulled a gun and shot his father dead. He then took the mask for himself.

Destro is awakened by Jenna screaming. In the main room he finds a Cobra Trooper threatening her with a gun and demanding she tell where Destro is. Destro attacks the guard who fights back. In the struggle the gun fires and hits Jenna. Throwing the Trooper against the wall Destro rushes over. The dying girl tells him he wasn't at fault and was protecting her and "you are a hero". Destro is moved by her death and is mocked for it by the Trooper who calls him "Destro". He recognises the name as he picks up the pistol and executes the Trooper. Then he realises he is Destro, the arms dealer who killed his father to rule his empire. And he remembers who did this to him - "Farouk!"

Featured characters

Cobra Others
  • Jenna (1)
  • Destro's father (4)


Items of note

  • The revelation that Destro murdered his father is interesting in light of his objection to patricide, as revealed in the G.I. Joe story "Celebration!" (which was reprinted in Action Force #25, #26 & #27).

Reprinted material

Mail Call!

The letters page prints letters on a variety of subjects.

Combat Colin

Combat Colin and Semi-Automatic Steve flee the robotic snowmen but Colin is subdued at a tree and Steve falls over a fence to land in smelly compost. Then he meets the mastermind - Doctor Nasty has returned!


Items of note