Action Force #47 was released on 17th January 1988.

Original material

Venetian Blind Part One

On a boat in Venice Tito Meira, head of the Mafia' Venetian operations, meets a representative of "the Family" who tells him they are pleased with his work. But Meira is concerned about Cobra, having unwittingly thrown out two Cobra operatives the previous night even though the representative believes Cobra are fanatics who wouldn't take on the Mafia. Suddenly a Cobra Moray hydrofoil attacks, with the representative being shot down. The Moray then fires missiles, destroying the boat though Meira jumps off in time. As Meira floats a Cobra Trooper tells him Cobra Commander wants him to reconsider his offer.

Later in an office above an ice cream parlour Trent briefs Footloose, Quick Kick, Lady Jaye, Shipwreck and Flint about how Cobra is gunning for the Mafia and ignoring the traditional arrangements the Mafia have with the authorities in their quest for a financial base. He goes on to explain that they have received information about Cobra's next target and a tense Flint asks Trent to tell the others who the source of the information is. The informant suddenly enters the room - it is Destro!

Featured characters

Action Force Cobra Others
  • Tito Meira (1)
  • Mafira representative (2)

Featured Vehicles & Equipment



Items of note

Reprinted material

Mail Call!

The letters page prints letters on a variety of subjects.

Combat Colin

Semi-Automatic Steve storms Doctor Nasty's base and destroys the robotic snowmen to rescue Combat Colin and defeat the villain with guns and outrageous puns.

Action Force toy adverts

* The issue contains a competition for twelve Moray hydrofoils.


Items of note


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