Action Force #48 was released on 24th January 1988.

Original material

Venetian Blind Part Two

In Venice a Mafia man goes to meet a contact only to find him dead and a squad of Crimson Guards waiting for him. He is rescued by the intervention of Action Force who drive the guards away. But the Action Force team is not a happy ship as Lady Jaye is furious about working with Destro after he shot her[1] and at Flint for not killing Destro when he had the chance.[2] Trent acknowledges her anger but points out that working with Destro is essential to prevent a Cobra-Mafia gang war. Destro explains that he is concerned because the Mafia are one of the biggest customers for M.A.R.S. and they are threatening to change arms suppliers if he can't get the Venice situation under control. As he can't openly oppose Cobra Commander, working with Action Force is the only way. Flint says he still doesn't trust Destro so the latter tells him that tomorrow Cobra Commander himself is arriving to supervise the final operations.

Featured characters

Action Force Cobra Others
  • Mafia man (1)
  • Gino (2)


Items of note

Reprinted material

Intelligence Profile

This issue contains an Intelligence Profile factfile on Footloose. For Action Force he was given the name Andrew D. Mackay and the birthplace of Dundee, Scotland.

Mail Call!

The letters page prints letters on a variety of subjects.

Combat Colin

Combat Colin and Semi-Automatic Steve are kidnapped by their three greatest enemies - Doctor Nasty, Cap'n Barnacle and Aunt Arctic - working together to conquer the world by first removing the cause of their past defeats. Barnacle forces Colin and Steve to roll on feather coated barrels along a plank to a pit of acid, all while being tickled to death!

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Items of note