Action Force #49 was released on 31st January 1988.

Original material

Venetian Blind Part Three

Flint and Lady Jaye pose as a couple on a gondola, with Footloose disguised as the gondolier. Footloose and Lady Jaye both think it is ridiculous but Flint asks how else they can observe Tito Meria's residence. Suddenly the boat is attack by three Eels. The Action Force members struggle and soon overcome them. Then Flint sees to Cobra hydrofoils attacking the residence. Together with a F.A.N.G they rapidly destroy the Mafia men there.

The gondola is met by Quick Kick, Shipwreck and Destro, and Flint points out the arms dealer said Cobra Commander wasn't going to attack until the evening. Destro responds that Cobra Commander is unpredictable and changed his mind. However he promised Cobra Commander and delivered as the Cobra leader is now at the residence. Destro declares his part of the bargain is done, but Lady Jaye pulls a pistol on him and tells him that they still don't trust him so he is coming with them "side by side with Action Force!"

Featured characters

Action Force Cobra Others
  • Mafia men (6)

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Items of note

Reprinted material

  • Fourteen pages of "Sea Duel" from G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #47.

Unintelligence Profile

This issue contains an Unintelligence Profile factfile on Combat Colin's sidekick, Semi-Automatic Steve. He is so dimwitted he is standing the wrong way round for his picture. His real name is given as "Steve Whatsisname" and his "Cereal Number" is "3 Shredded Wheat". His main weapons are a "Troy Tempest Water Pistol" and "pathetic jokes" that annoy people.

Combat Colin

Continuing another Combat Colin epic. Colin and Semi-Automatic Steve swing to safety to escape the pit of acid, then knock out Cap'n Barnacle. They subdue Aunt Arctic with a "Tarby Gun" that releases bullets which tell rotten jokes. However Doctor Nasty is still standing and tells Colin to pick a weapon. Colin responds they will settle things with their fists but Nasty says "that's your choice, Colin... this is mine" as he produces a gun and shoot Colin in the chest.


Items of note


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