Action Force #5 was released on 29th March 1987.

Original material

Snow Chase

Snake-Eyes is skying down a Balkan mountain, escaping from Castle Destro,[1] but pursuing him on motorbikes are Buzzer and Ripper - the Dreadnoks. Buzzer pauses and uses his chainsaw to cut down a tree which he sends down after Snake-Eyes but it has no effect. Then Ripper takes aim with a rifle and hits Snake-Eyes in the elbow. They climb back on their bikes to catch Snake-Eyes before he reaches a nearby village. Snake-Eyes walks bleeding into the Hotel Alpino and asks to send a telex. He gives the message to the deskman when suddenly the two Dreadnoks burst in, knocking down Snake-Eyes and sawing through the telex machine. Snake-Eyes hits back and runs out, still wounded. Outside he uses a tripwire to knock the two Dreadnoks off their bikes, then he jumps onto Buzzer's bike and uses a pistol to detonate the fuel tank on Ripper's bike.

At Action Force's Geneva headquarters Alpine tells Dusty a partial message has come from Snake-Eyes saying that Cobra will attack the Eiffel Tower at midday tomorrow.

Featured characters

Action Force Cobra Others
  • Hotel deskman (4)


Items of note

  • This story was later reprinted in Action Force Monthly #12.
  • Torch is not shown with his fellow Deadnoks.
  • When Snake-Eyes arrives in the hotel rather than speaking he writes his request (in English) on a sheet of paper.

Reprinted material

Eleven pages of "That Sinking Feeling" from G.I. Joe: Special Missions #1 were reprinted.

The T.A.C. Page

This issue introduces the T.A.C. Page giving in depth information about the various weapons and vehicles, with the descriptions written "in character" by their users. This issue details:

Combat Colin

This issue sees the debut of the comedy strip Codename: Combat Colin, by Lew Stringer. The strip at this point occupied half of the penultimate page of the issue and introduces us to Combat Colin, a military fanatic who dons a camouflage jacket and camouflage paint and takes a huge rifle and grenade just to go to the shops to buy a packet of sweets. He still lives with his mum.[2]

Action Force toy adverts


  • On the "Mission Control" contents page Buzzer is named "Buzzsaw".

Items of note

  • The issue also contains a one-page pin-up of Buzzer, Ripper and Torch.


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