Action Force #6 was released on 5th April 1987.

Original material

Terror Tower!

Lady Jaye, Airtight, Alpine and Dusty pose as tourists at the top of the Eiffel Tower, trying to find the Cobra agents due to attempt to destroy it according to Snake-Eyes's message.[1] Suddenly a tourist dons the uniform of a Crimson Guard and attacks. The Action Force members don their own battle gear and counterattack. The Guard throws a thermite grenade which Alpine grabs, but goes over the edge of the railings and is pushed down by a female Crimson Guard. He swings onto the tower's structure and realises he has about ten seconds to defuse the grenade before it detonates. The other three Joes subdue the two Cobra agents as Alpine succeeds.

Later as the male Guard is being led away he boasts that Cobra have more than one operative and operation. Lady Jaye wonders what he means when Trent radios in with the answer - Cobra has bombed Rome as well. At Action Force's secret base in London Trent tells Flint that it's time to wipe out Cobra's London operations for good.

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Action Force Cobra


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Reprinted material

Eleven pages of "That Sinking Feeling" from G.I. Joe: Special Missions #1 were reprinted.

Mail Call!

This issue sees the debut of Mail Call!, the comic's letters page. The first letters printed are in response to the printing of "Improvisation on a Theme" in Transformers #99-#102 as a special preview of Action Force.

Combat Colin

Combat Colin continues his war mad ways, going to a fairground and using his own machine gun at a shooting stand.

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Items of note