Action Force #8 was released on 19th April 1987.

Original material

A Bomb in Wardour Street!

At a police station at the corner of London's Oxford Street and Wardour Street Flint tries to convince a police officer that there is a bomb on the streets that could cause a huge massacre and they need to be sealed off. However the police officer is reluctant to close off the busy shopping area on a Saturday afternoon on no more evidence than a map of the area. Flint gets angry and tells him that even if the police won't take action, Action Force will. Crankcase reports that Lady Jaye, Footloose and Dusty are on the streets searching but have found nothing yet.

Outside Footloose thinks he hears gunshots but it turns out to be children playing with firecrackers. Dusty hears calls for help but it's just a street thief snatching a handbag so he knocks the thief out. Lady Jaye sees a woman with a cute baby and steps over. But the woman hits her, revealing herself to be a Crimson Guard, and the baby's blanket slips off to reveal it is a model head on a bomb. Lady Jaye shouts to Footloose who pulls a gun and apprehends the Cobra agent. Lady Jaye picks up the bomb but the woman tells her that by doing this she has broken a contact and triggered both the countdown and trembler device that will instantly detonate if she moves. Lady Jaye can do nothing but freeze...

Featured characters

Action Force Cobra Others
  • Police officer (4)
  • Shoppers (6)
  • Children with firecrackers (7)
  • Street thief (9)


Items of note

Reprinted material

Eleven pages of "No Holds Barred" from G.I. Joe: Special Missions #4 were reprinted, with the story renamed "Skirmish!"

The T.A.C. Page

This issue contains a T.A.C. Page detailing:

Mail Call!

The letters page continues to print letters about issue #1 and #2.

Combat Colin

Combat Colin shows off a fantastic light-weight anti-tank gun - that came free in a packet of cornflakes!

Action Force toy adverts


Items of note


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