They look just like your favourite Action Force members. But did you know, Action Force Monthly... sold and branded as G.I. Joe: European Missions in the United States?

Action Force Monthly was a comic produced in the United Kingdom by the British division of Marvel Comics, featuring Action Force, which at this stage was the name used by the A Real American Hero toyline in the UK. The first issue was published in June 1988. In the US it was released under the title G.I. Joe: European Missions.

The comic combined new strips featuring Action Force and reprints of stories from Action Force weekly. The new stories were also written to be easier to fit into US continuity.

The comic was published in the smaller, A5 US format, rather than the A4 format normally used by British comics (including the previous weekly Action Force title). The title lasted for fifteen issues and cost 50p in the UK for the entirety of its run. In the US it started at the price of $1.50 and in Canada at $2.00. From issue #12 these prices rose to $1.75 and $2.25 respectively.

As European Missions, the series is more of a novelty, an interesting peek for the curious into how the G.I. Joe franchise is handled in the UK. It should also be interesting to note that the series is printed in a better paper stock than the newsprint type used for the main series. Except for some pages where the Action Force logo is replaced with the G.I. Joe logo, the stories are presented as is without any effort made to adjust the dialogue or replacing any mention of Action Force with G.I. Joe.

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