Action Force Monthly #5 was released in October 1988.

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A Northrod B2 bomber explodes mid air with the cabin pod ejecting. At Darwin airbase in north Australia Hawk tells Flint that the crew ejected some hundred miles south of Celebes in Indonesia and that there is an atoll there but also many Cobra troops. He goes on to explain that if Cobra capture the crewmen it will be a security risk. They head to the launch area where four Tomahawks are preparing to take in a squad to land on the atoll, whilst a flight of Dragonflies will cover them and two Skystrikers provide further air cover. The air fleet takes off.

On the atoll Captain Mike Holloman and his crew mate hide from Cobra troops and radio the Action Force team who confirm arrival within ten minutes. The Tomahawks come in to land, coming under immediate fire from Cobra Troopers, destroying two. Flint radios the Skystrikers and Dragonflies to attack, then once both have passed the land troops advance. They soon find Holloman and his weapon systems operator, but Flint notes the B2 has a three man crew. Holloman confirms they were separated from the electronic warfare officer on the north side, so Wild Bill does a fly past and soon sees the missing man being taken aboard a Cobra Ferret. Beach-Head and Snake-Eyes don Heli-Packs and head in pursuit. Snake-Eyes lands in the trees and discretely pulls the crew man free, then Beach-Head disposes of the Viper driving the Ferret. Suddenly a squad of flying Cobras attack and they take cover in the swamps, taking out the flight pods one by one. They head back to the beach where the rest of the troops are still fighting and all board a Tomahawk, but the engine is hit. They rush to Hawk's Tomahawk and board whilst the Skystrikers drop a huge amount of explosives. The surviving craft head for home.

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  • Captain Mike Holloman (6)
  • Crewman (7)
  • Co-pilot (14)

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