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The aftermath of the Cobra Civil War bring with it some interesting surprises for both G.I. Joe and Cobra.

Detailed summary

With the Joes having been ordered to make a tactical withdrawal, Cobra Commander is quite happy to allow them transport off Cobra Island. Zarana is busily commenting about how glad she is to see the back of the Baroness, and when she expands her comment about "worthless trash" to include Lady Jaye it provokes a cat fight between the two women, which most of the Joes and Cobras are happy to stand around and watch.

As the dust is settling, Lt. Falcon and the recon team arrive on the scene. Falcon attempts to request Hawk's assistance in getting Captain Minh off the island, but when he looks around he sees that he has gone. Hawk decides that two of the Cobra choppers will be used to transport the wounded, while he and Roadblock hurry back to the USS Flagg to travel to the Pentagon with General Hollingsworth.

Destro and Baroness are relaxing aboard his cruise ship. Destro lets her believe that recovering her was the sole reason for his visit to Cobra Island, and in return Baroness tells him that Cobra Commander is really Fred VII. They see the USS Flagg pass by and wave to them peacefully.

Doctor Mindbender is arranging to have Serpentor's body frozen but tells Cobra Commander that he has had his body cut up for organ donation. At that moment, Minh jumps on Cobra Commander and attempts to remove his helmet without the entry code. Quietly, he tells him that he will reveal his identity as Fred unless he gives him a new boat. Cobra Commander provides him with a hydrofoil stripped of weapons. Mindbender privately strikes a deal with Cobra Commander: He won't reveal he is an imposter in return for being allowed to keep Serpentor's body. With the two in alliance, all they have to worry about is Zartan.

Hawk, Roadblock and Hollingsworth arrive at the Pentagon, where the Jugglers are intending to claim GI Joe acted without orders in order to avoid political embarrassment. When Hawk and Hollingsworth prove unwilling to go along with the cover story, General Malthus orders the trio placed under arrest and sent for psychiatric evaluation. The two generals know neither they nor the other Joes will be given a chance to reveal the truth. Roadblock states that, while they can't order him to make a run for it, he wants their guarantee he'll be in the clear afterwards. They give it, and Roadblock bursts out of the military car, steals a bike and makes for Washington DC, losing his pursuers in a blind alley.

Destro and Baroness view a news report revealing not only Hawk but also the Joes aboard the USS Flagg have been taken into custody, and orders have been given for Roadblock to be shot on sight. Destro is disgusted at the dishonourable act, but also aware that with GI Joe effectively deactivated and Cobra Island in disarray, he is in the strongest position.

Dr. Burkhart also sees the news report and doubts the Joes will be allowed a fair hearing. At that point, Roadblock turns up at her door, asking for help.


Featured Characters

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Memorable quotes

"That's enough! We have more important things to do than--"
"With all due respect, sir... I wouldn't break this up just yet. At least not while Lady Jaye is winning!"

--Hawk, listen to Roadblock: you never break up a chick fight!

Other notes


  • As she jumps out of the helicopter, Lady Jaye is a blonde.
  • Roadblock's name is parsed "Road-Block."
  • The press really shouldn't know the Joe team's file names - or, if they do, they shouldn't know the codenames. Kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it?

Items of note

  • Dr. Mindbender puts Serpentor's body on ice.
  • The battle-damaged B.A.T.s are stacked in the bottom of the Cobra freighter.
  • Destro sunbathes with his helmet on. That has to get hot.

Real-world references

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