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Helix is a G.I. Joe character in the videogame portion of the movie continuity.
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Agent Helix is a covert operations officer for the G.I. Joe team. She is an expert marksman with advanced martial arts training. She uses dual 10 mm autopistols as her preferred weapon. She's an Olympic-class gymnast and uses her distinctive "Whirlwind attack" to deliver overpowering combinations of kicks and firepower to Cobra agents. Has the ability to identify and solve complex physical calculations at a rate that some consider extremely spooky. To her, everything has a data set, like miles left before a car will run out of gas or ammo count in the bad guy's guns, etc. To Duke and Hawk, this ability is called "Total Organic Battlefield Awareness".


Voiced by: Nancy Truman

Prior to joining G.I. Joe, Helix was a near master level practitioner of many different fighting styles. She competed in both official and underground tournaments around the world. Some tournaments were to the death. She'd walk in the tournaments knowing nothing, engage in combat with lifetime practitioners of the art... and walk out without a scratch. Not only is she a good fighter, rumor has it that she could master a fighting style after encountering it once.

After finding her dog tags during a desert mission, Breaker comments he would like to see her in action, for he heard stories that she is the only one to ever spar with Snake Eyes to a stalemate.[1]