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Airborne is a G.I. Joe character from the A Real American Hero series.
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It seems to be an unglamorous job to be a parachute assembler but it is a duty that Airborne has taken upon himself to make sure that his teammates' parachutes are in perfect condition. As a medic, his first and foremost priority is the health and safety of his comrades. It just wouldn't do the mission any good if the first thing that happens is the parachute fails to open and somebody gets hurt or even much worse. He may seem like a fussy person but it all means that he's someone you can rely on. His skills as master rigger is second to none. When the tables turn against the Joes, he would brave the rain of gunfire to rescue you. That's how dedicated he is.


A Real American Hero comics continuity - Devil's Due

Animated continuity - DiC


Airborne (Sky Patrol) A Real American Hero (1990)

This version of Airborne has had only one action figure version ever released. It was sold as part of the 1990 Sky Patrol subset of A Real American Hero toys.

Appearance: yellow hair; grey shirt and pants with beige camouflage and dark grey vest; silver shoulder guards and kneepads; dark grey gloves, belt and boots

Accessories: silver helmet with earphones and red goggles; large, black machine gun with large stock and magazine, and handle on top; silver parachute in grey parachute pack. page/Filecard


  • Airborne (Talltree) and Airborne (Six) were the first two individuals to share the same code name. Larry Hama's working name for this character was "Rigger."
  • As with every Sky Patrol action figure, Airborne's body mold originally came from a pre-existing character but with an all new head mold.
  • The Sky Patrol parachutes and backpacks are repaints of the green Parachute Pack first available by mail in 1984.

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