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Aleph as Incision.

Aleph is one of the leaders of the Night-Creepers, a syndicate of high-tech mercenary ninjas.

A Real American Hero Comics Continuity

Marvel Comics

Aleph first contacted Cobra Commander atop the ruins of the Cobra Consulate building in New York City. He offered the services of the Night-Creepers to Cobra as spies and assassins. The group led by Aleph attacked Storm Shadow and Stalker at Storm Shadow's sanctuary in New York (#107). The Night Creepers worked for Cobra over the next few years in operations including the Battle of Benzheen - in which they fought the G.I. Joe team's ninjas (#112) - and the search for Destro after Cobra put out a reward for his capture (#116-118). In many of these operations it is uncertain whether or not Aleph was involved.

The next mission where his presence was confirmed was the capture of Dr. Sidney Biggles-Jones and the Rail Gun prototype (#135). During the G.I. Joe team's attack on Cobra's town of Millville, Snake-Eyes fought and defeated a ninja referring to himself as the Night Creeper Leader (#141). It is not known if this was Aleph.

Devil's Due

Aleph resurfaced with the Codename Incision as a member of the Plague. He is killed by Storm Shadow during an operation in the Amazon.

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