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Snake-Eyes helps Storm Shadow into a healing trance, then heads to the Cobra Consulate building to drive Cobra Commander out. A battle between the Joes and Cobra in the Middle East begins.

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  • Snake-Eyes' sensory deprivation tank was last seen in G.I. Joe #2.
  • We finally see Snake-Eyes' collection of spike-knuckled trench knives, last mentioned in issue 18.
    • His retreat also houses Kwinn's machine gun, and the famous "bullethole" photo of Terri.
  • When Duke spits in Tomax's eye, Xamot reacts as well. It could be their psychic connection, or just general disgust.
  • Tomax and Xamot say if they have their way, Duke will never leave Trucial Abysmia. While Duke will, they'll be getting their wish in the case of many of the other Joes present... to their horror.
  • Magda and The White Clown are above the fold on the cover of a newspaper in Washington DC? Must have been a slow news day.


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  1. This issue begins the G.I. Joe Dossiers, profiles of Joes and Cobra, as a regular feature. Thus, the standard 22-page pagecount is reduced.

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