The lack of any action has made G.I. Joe too lax, a situation Cobra exploits only to be foiled by Sgt. Slaughter. After this debacle, Dr. Mindbender has dreams of what Cobra needs to be strong again: a new emperor!


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Memorable quotes

"Good work, sergeant. This is just what the Joes need to get motivated."
"Happy to hear that, 'cause with all due respect General Hawk, you're a Joe ... and you're gonna join em!"

--General Hawk and Sgt. Slaughter discussing the new training regimen.

"Is this the face of a patsy?"

--'Cobra Cmmander, you should not give us such a perfect set up line.

"He used stun grenades! That's cheatin'!"
"Of course it's cheating, you nit. What did you expect, sportsmanship?"

--'Zandar and Monkeywrench on the latter's Dreadnok audition.


Notes about the miniseries as a whole

  • This miniseries was written by Ron Friedman, and follows his usual formula.
  • In the real world, the corpses of military leaders are not just laying around unguarded for anyone to just walk up to and take DNA.
  • Attempting to get DNA from centuries-old bones probably wouldn't yield much of anything. Julius Caesar's ashes (as mentioned in a later episode) would be of even less use.
  • The cartoon's general pattern of ignoring the standard military forces is especially apparent here. Cobra attacks tombs around the globe and none of these nations appears to think that their armies would be of any use. Only G.I. Joe and, to a much lesser extent, the Oktober Guard are seen.

Animation and/or technical glitches

  • While watching Sgt. Slaughter show up, Flint's exclamation comes out of Leatherneck's mouth.
  • When Zartan is explaining the "rules" for the Dreadnok audition, a quick pan of the contestants shows that two of them are identical.

Continuity errors

  • When Zartan starts the Dreadnok audition, he says there is only one rule: whoever is left standing will be the new Dreadnok. Yet when Monkeywrench wins the audition by blowing everyone else up, Zandar accuses him of cheating. So, are there rules or not?

Miscellaneous trivia

  • Hawk must be ordered to participate in Slaughter's training regime. Cobra Commander frequently shows more leadership as he personally leads many of the Cobra attacks. Hawk's concerns about lax discipline were inspired by his bad example.
  • The chain-of-command for the G.I Joe team is formally established as Hawk (Grade O-7, Brigadier General) the G.I. Joe Commander, Duke (Grade E-8, Master Sergeant) the team's field commander, with Flint (Grade WO-2, Warrant Officer) as Duke's executive officer and Beach Head (Grade E-6, Staff Sergeant) fourth in command. Sgt. Slaughter (Grade E-7, Sergeant) is also listed as a commanding officer on select missions.
  • Before being requested to stay a bit longer, Sgt. Slaughter mentions having some recruits. According to Buzz Dixon, this was a reference to the Renegades

Real-world references

  • Vietnam and DNA are mentioned.


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