Dr. Mindbender brings his plan to create a new leader for Cobra to fruition.



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Memorable quotes

"That man has the constitution of a vending machine!"

--Cobra Commander, after Sgt. Slaughter quickly recovers from the DNA extraction process.

"Hey, why didn't you tell me you were using me as a decoy for violence?"
"'Cause I didn't want you to say no."

--Lifeline and Beach Head have a philosophical disagreement.

"Know that I am the one you seek. I am the one born to rule, destined to conquer. Let those who fear me, follow me. Let those who oppose me ... DIE! For I am Serpentor ... and this I command!"

--Serpentor introduces himself.


Animation and technical errors

  • At 20:47, Mainframe can be seen next to himself.

Continuity errors

  • When running down the list of of targets that they were unaware of, Hawk says that Cobra stole "the ashes of Julius Caesar," then follows that up with "Lord know what Cobra wants with them." In the previous episode, Doc and Lifeline presented him with a lengthy dissertation about how Cobra was using the DNA to build a super soldier. Was he not paying attention?
  • After extracting Sgt. Slaughter's DNA, Tomax and Xamot, for no apparent reason, unchain him and leave him in his cell. Sure enough, the Sarge escapes rather easily.

Miscellaneous notes

  • The casualty report that Duke and Beach Head give to Hawk states that there were no fatalities among the Joe forces. Even mentioning the possibility of death for the characters is a big deal for the cartoon, given the "no deaths" rule imposed on the production.

Real world references


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