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|MemorableQuotes1="That man has the constitution of a vending machine!"

--Cobra Commander, after Sgt. Slaughter quickly recovers from a DNA extraction at the hand of the Crimson Twins and unscrews a panel with a thumbnail.


  • At the twenty minute fortyseven second mark, Mainframe can be seen right next to himself.


  • In the real world, the corpses of military leaders are not just laying around unguarded for anyone to just walk up to and take DNA.
    • At no point do we see any national military forces from the United States, France, Russia, or China. Only the Oktober Guard, a G.I. Joe-like team is present. While G.I. Joe is an international response unit, there should have been some local military units.
  • When running down the list of of targets that they were unaware of, Hawk says that Cobra stole "the ashes of Julius Caesar," then follows that up with "Lord know what Cobra wants with them." In the previous episode, Doc and Lifeline presented him with a lengthy dissertation about how Cobra was using the DNA to build a super soldier. Was he not paying attention?
    • Throughout this entire mini-series, Hawk doesn't acquit himself very well, leading one to wonder how he was ever made a general and leader of the Joe team.
    • At the tomb of Genghis Khan, the Joe team places all their weapons on 1 side of the wall and later they drive into a minefield they laid. Also, the minefield is not well planned.
  • After extracting Sgt. Slaughter's DNA, Tomax and Xamot, for no apparent reason, unchain him and leave him in his cell. Sure enough, the Sarge escapes rather easily from the cell.
  • Earlier in the mini-series, the DNA extractor would destroy the specimen after getting the DNA sample. Luckily for Sgt. Slaughter, it merely knocks him out.
    • Well, he does have the constitution of a vending machine.


  • The Cobra leadership hates Cobra Commander, but decide to create Serpentor instead of promoting an existing leader, such as Destro. Cobra Commander could have easily been replaced earlier in the series. The Cobra leadership hates their leaders, but is unwilling to accept the title of supreme leader. The leadership later turns on Serpentor and rallies to Cobra Commander in "Operation: Dragonfire. In the tv series involving the M.A.S.S., Destro fails to obtain results after he takes command.


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