Can G.I. Joe stop Cobra now that Serpentor leads their foes?



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Memorable quotes

"I know... I've tried!!!"

--Cobra Commander, insisting that Serpentor's dream of capturing Washington DC in one fell swoop is a pipe-dream.


Animation and technical errors

  • Alpine, Bazooka and Mainframe are simultaneously shown at both Cobra Island and G.I. Joe Headquarters.
  • Two Airtights and Cutter show up at Cobra Island.
  • Along with Alpine and Bazooka, Breaker and the two Airtights appear and disappear during the skirmish on Cobra Island.
  • When a Viper places the bomb on the Capitol dome, the outline of his hands is still present after he moves away, with the bomb having hand shaped voids in it.

Continuity errors

  • When General Hawk is showing the Joes the computer simulation of Serpentor, it's outfitted in his serpent outfit, even though up to that point the Joes have not yet seen what Serpentor looks like or what he's wearing.
  • Apparently none of Serpentor's Vipers bother to frisk the "President" or the other "politicians," since they walk right up to the Cobra emperor with guns in their briefcases. You'd think they would have learned their lesson after "The Revenge of Cobra!"
  • Several characters survive explosions at point-blank range.

Miscellaneous notes

  • Owing to the lack of Sun Tzu's DNA, Serpentor is impetuous and rash, leading him to attack and attempt to take Washington DC by force with a direct assault when such a maneuver has no reasonable chance of succeeding.
  • Zandar is voiced by Milt Jamin in this episode.

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