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Astro-Vipers are Cobra characters from the A Real American Hero series.
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Cobra's space warriors, the Astro-Vipers, are recruited from the ranks of the Strato-Vipers.

The artificial conditioning and training they have received to become Night Raven pilots made them natural candidates to operate in the cold altitude of Earth's orbit and to endure the repeated high G launches, extended stay in orbit and short intervals between missions.

Aside from the physical aspect of their training, they are also expected to become well versed in electronics and communication.


Astro-Viper A Real American Hero (1988)

Astro-Viper was sold in single-carded form as part of A Real American Hero's 1988 lineup.

Appearance: dark grey face mask; red shirt and gloves with silver vest and gold straps; Cobra emblem on gold stomach panel; dark grey pants and boots with silver braces on outside legs

Accessories: dark grey full-head helmet with yellow visor; silver jet backpack with two detachable laser cannons and two detachable control arms; two standard short, black hoses.

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Astro-Viper 1993.jpg Star Brigade (1993)

Astro-Viper makes a comeback as part of the 1993's Star Brigade subset.

Appearance: gold face mask; blue-green shirt and gloves with black vest and gold straps; blue-green pants and boots with black braces on outside legs

Accessories: black "Astro-Viper" helmet with neon green visor; orange "'92 Destro" XL-14 submachine gun; orange "Rock-Viper" machine gun; orange "Shockwave" knife; gold "Gristle" spring-loaded missile launcher with orange trigger; two orange "Gristle" missiles; orange figure stand.

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  • Working names: Cosmo-Viper, Star-Viper and Cobra-Naut.[1]

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  1. Larry Hama told Hasbro that Cobra-Naut "denotes 'one who sails on snakes.' I think most people would assume that a Cobra-Naut was a naval specialist."

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