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Back-Stop is a G.I. Joe character from the A Real American Hero series.
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Back-Stop is the roughest, hardest fighting man in the Joe Team. He has gone done and suffered it all. From broken bones, twisted noses, ripped tendons, it's almost like he has suffered every imaginable injury. But that's not what makes him unique. It's his rough nature that has causes unending grievances to the receiving end of his blows. Canada's junior hockey league has permanently banned him from competing and so has every boxing ring in Detroit. He even spent time in the demoltion derby. What makes him a glutton for punishment? We don't know but wouldn't you rather he be on the good side?


A Real American Hero comics continuity

Marvel Comics continuity

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Devil's Due Comics continuity

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Action Force (British) Comics continuity

Back-Stop drove the Persuader as part of the assault force who recaptured an Arabian oil terminal from Cobra thus preventing it from being detonated in order to ignite the oil fields.[1]


Generation 1
Back-Stop 1987 A Real American Hero (1987)

Back-Stop was included with the Persuader vehicle as part of A Real American Hero's 1987 vehicle lineup.

Appearance: black hair; green shirt with gray chest and shoulder armor; red gloves; yellow pants with white belt and holsters; red and black boots

Accessories: gray full-head helmet with cut-out portion over face; silver revolver with trigger some distance from grip. page/Filecard


  • Back-Stop is a Canadian and as far as we know, is not part of any special exchange program between G.I. Joe and other countries - he must have become a naturalized citizen at some point before his 18th birthday.
  • Working names included "Hardball," "Boxcar" and "No-Guff."
  • The Peer Personality Profile on his prototype filecard was much different than the one that was eventually released:
There's nothing wrong with Back-Stop that a strait-jacket and a set of leg-irons won't cure... temporarily, that is. It would be nice to say that deep inside, he's a gentle soul who is kind to furry little animals, but it simply wouldn't be true. He'd just bite their heads off.

The Ultimate Guide to G.I. Joe, page 132.

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