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Storm Shadow is hunting his former Cobra ally Firefly...but what's his motive? Storm Shadow encounters deadly surprises in the booby-trapped building Firefly has prepared for anyone who enters...but ultimately it's Firefly who's in for the bigger surprise.

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Deep beneath London, in an unused section of the "tube" subway system, Storm Shadow fights Slice and Dice in order to get information about Firefly's whereabouts. After he defeats them, Slice gives him an address.

Storm Shadow sneaks into a Victorian building, where several booby-traps await him. Downstairs, he finds the place is an undercover B.A.T. factory. Storm Shadow fights and destroys several B.A.T.s until Firefly himself appears.

Firefly tries to shoot Storm Shadow with a SMG, but Storm Shadow throws a sword that jams its chamber. Storm Shadow takes his other sword and Firefly strikes back with the one Storm Shadow threw.

Firefly reveals that, knowing Storm Shadow was going to come looking for him (seeking vengeance for Firefly's involvement in the deaths of both the Hard Master and the Soft Master), he paid a visit to Storm Shadow's aunt, leaving explosives behind set to detonate if he dies. Storm Shadow then informs Firefly that he kept tabs on him, sending Tripwire and Tunnel Rat to his aunt's house to remove the bombs.

Storm Shadow defeats Firefly, but instead of killing him, he says he found Firefly's sister. Firefly thought her dead, but she was instead taken prisoner. Storm Shadow rescued her and gave her a home in the south of France. He gives Firefly her address, telling him the circle of revenge can end if he wants it.

Storm Shadow leaves Firefly alone in the factory. After a moment, Firefly pulls out charges and sets the place ablaze.


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  • Despite the presence of Slice and Dice (characters who appeared after Storm Shadow joined G.I. Joe), Storm Shadows has a Cobra insignia on his mask, and the figure is labeled as a "Cobra Ninja".
  • When Slice tells Storm Shadow where Firefly is, he names Dice as "Slice", which could confuse newcomers about which ninja is Slice and which one is Dice.

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  • In this issue Tripwire appears not in his original uniform colors, but the colors found on his figure in the Indian GI Joe line from Funskool.

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