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The Joes and Dreadnoks must work together to escape from Sierra Gordo.

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In the mountains of Sierra Gordo, Wild Bill splints Thrasher's broken arm, but the Dreadnok complains so much that Crazilegs knocks him out with his rifle's butt. The Joes, Dreadnoks and refugees find a military bus coming to see the crashed plane, so Zarana disguises herself and the other Dreadnoks with some refugee clothes, they approach the bus and claim to be locañs whp were injured by some "gringos" that crashed nearby. Inside the bus, Zarana wakes Thrasher up, who gets on a frezy and defeats all the soldiers.

Meanwhile, in Rio Lindo, capital of Sierra Gordo, Goodfellow is angry about ambassador Winthrop having left the country with the incriminating documents, so he advises General Villavaca to loot the treasury and head for Switzerland and send his troops on a wild goose chase before they may revolt. Goodfellow has Bob, the pilot of the company seaplane, prepare the plane to leave with his skim and bribe money, while Villavaca rediverts all his troops to the mountains and seal out the border, and orders his driver to take him to the treasure building.

In the mountains, the Joes and Dreadnoks have donned Villavaca uniforms to cross the border, when they hear a radio transmission with thorder of sealing the border. Wild Bill decides to send the refugees alone in the bus, as they'll have a better chance since the troops will be looking for Americans and soldiers, not farmers and their families. The Joes and Dreadnoks head to Rio Lindo in search for a boat heading north, and then the bus returns as the refugees couldn't let their saviors to the unknown.

General Villavaca arrives to the treasury building, where he is ambushed by Destro, Sergeant Major, El Jefe and the counter-revolutionaries, thanking Villavaca for bringing the combination to the safe, as it saves them the bother of blowing it up. It turns out that the treasury has been looted by seven previous provisional governments. Villavaca claims that Goodfellow has the real loot and offers to guide them to him. Destro goes to his Toyota truck, with El Jefe and him driving at front and Villavaca watched by Sergeant Major in the back.

Just outside of Rio Lindo, Zarana speeds the bus up to cross a barrier, and troops led by a Captain Pérez pursue them. The traffic allows the bus to evade the troops, until Pérez's jeep is crashed by Destro's truck, When Pérez sees Villavaca on the truck, he believes Villavaca betrayed them to the counter-revolutionaries and shoots him dead, before dying of his own wounds. Sergeant Major says they must follow the bus.

The bus reaches the docks, where the Joes, Dreadnoks and refugees take Goodfellow's plane and Wild Bill thanks Bob for having the plane ready for them. Destro, El Jefe and Sergeant Major, sure that Chip Goodfellow is already on the plane, try to shoot it down, but the plane takes off. It turns out that Goodfellow is inside the plane, as he comes out of the lavatory with a machinegun. Thrasher, who wants some air and Goodfellow gets on his nerves, opens the cockpit, and the airstream sucks goodfellow and his money out. Thrasher is also sucked out, but he's saved by Crazylegs, while all the others are safely strapped and leave Sierra Gordo.


Featured Characters

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G.I. Joe Cobra Civilians Sierra Gordanians Iron Grenadiers
  • Captain Perez (15)
  • Counter-revolutionaries (12)
  • El Jefe (15)
  • General Villavaca (10)
  • General Villavaca's troops (8)
  • Political refugees (5)

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