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Baroness is a Cobra character from the IDW continuity.
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The Baroness was once part of a respectable, aristocratic family, before leaving them in search of her own destiny. Soon, she would meet the man that changed her path in life forever. Now she is one of the heavy hitters in the Cobra organization, answering directly to Cobra Commander himself.


Comics continuity

Baroness was born Anastasia DeCobray, but ran away from home and fell in with a revolutionary group called "The Red Hand." After the group's leader - and her lover - Umberto Gaspare sent her away, she traveled the world, learning all she could. In Berlin, she killed one man who was trailing her, and chased the other back to his hideout, where she fought off a roomful of armed killers. A man stepped from the shadows and congratulated her on passing her initiation to Cobra.[2]

She had been working with Cobra for a time when she tasked one of her agents with infiltrating a government airplane and ensuring the foreign president didn't change his country's trade restrictions, costing Cobra money in the process. The mission was a success, and she was promoted to Cobra's command level.[3]

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  • There have been no toys specifically identified as the IDW incarnation of the character. However, since her costume is mostly unchanged, any of the RAH toys could work.


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