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Anastasia Cisarovna, also known as Baroness, is a femme fatale and a corporate saboteur who serves as Cobra Commander's right hand woman. In charge of maintaining Cobra Industries' friendly publicity while overseeing its illegal activities, Baroness will not hesitate to deal with any "loose ends" that could jeopardize Cobra Industries.

Over time, she developed an attraction to Destro, which eventually developed into a serious relationship. However, even as they developed a genuine affection for one another, she did not hesitate to threaten the Joes or anybody else who stood in their way.



Anastasia Cisarovna is a scion of the long-standing Cisarovna family, which has maintained a position of wealth and influence in Russia for many generations, despite also making many enemies in those years as its members made a habit of sacrificing anyone they deemed necessary to maintain their own power. Apart from the practical concern of embittered victims who still seek revenge, Anastasia herself had little problem with this, and enjoyed the position granted by her heritage.[1]

Eventually, Anastasia became a high-ranking employee of Cobra Industries, and came to report directly to Cobra Commander under the codename "Baroness". While she maintained the organization's attractive public image, the Commander grew to appreciate her ruthless "efficiency" in dealing with problems.


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