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The name Baroness refers to several versions of the same character.
For a list of the other versions, see Baroness.

The Baroness is a Cobra character in the Resolute series.
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The spoiled offspring of wealthy European aristocrats, the Baroness was a student radical who began her destructive activities at universities then moved to the international arena. She eventually found her way into the Cobra organization and became a close associate of Destro and a trusted lieutenant to Cobra Commander. Her relationship with Destro calls into question her true loyalties to the commander, since she allies herself with the strongest individual in an organization and will change allegiances when necessary to keep herself in a position of power.


The Baroness is a member of Cobra in G.I. Joe: Resolute. It's unknown if she retains the high position that she had in the organization in other versions of the franchise, but her relationship with Destro is left intact.

Comic continuity

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Animated continuity

In the miniseries, the Baroness and Destro are part of a subplot in which they have taken a team of scientists hostage. Roadblock, Gung-Ho and Stalker have to rescue them before Destro starts killing them.

Say, you look familiar...

This character doesn't have much of an established backstory. Unless contradicted by a canon source, you can assume their history mostly mirrors Baroness (RAH)'s.


Baroness Resolute 2010 Cobra Battle Set (2010)

In 2010, a box set was released featuring Zartan, Alley-Viper, Destro, Cobra Commander, Baroness, Storm Shadow and Firefly.

Appearance: long black hair; gray suit with red trim on the collar; black bodice; grey corset and skirt with red trim; black gloves; brown belt; silver belt; black boots

Accessories: black sunglasses; two silver pistols page/Filecard

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