Bludgeon in his Pretender shell

is an evil Decepticon from planet Cybertron, master of the martial art known as Metallikato, and sometimes Decepticon leader. He is a Pretender, a Transformer with an organic shell that allows him to disguise his mechanical nature. Bludgeon's Pretender shell makes him look like a skull-faced samurai.


G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers

Eons ago, when Optimus Prime was given the Matrix of Leadership, Bludgeon attempted to kill him, but failed.

Along with the Pretender Monsters, Bludgeon traveled to Earth, seeking to be present at the planet's destruction by Unicron. The group was shot down by the Chinese Air Force, however, and damaged in the process. An alliance with the underground kingdom of Cobra-La provided them with life-sustaining Pretender shells in exchange for protecting the kingdom. He was responsible for the death of Atomic Man in 1978, when the Adventure Team came snooping too close to Cobra-La's hidden lair in the caves beneath Tibet.

Decades later, Bludgeon engaged Optimus Prime in battle as the Autobot attempted to infiltrate Cobra-La's caves. After being burned by Bludgeon, Optimus ripped the chest off of Bludgeon's Pretender shell. In his anger, Bludgeon lost his edge and fell off a cliff. Although Optimus had caught him, Bludgeon chose to fall, standing by his philosophy of "merciless death and destruction." Black Horizon Part 2