Brainstorm is a G.I. Joe character from the A Real American Hero IDW comics continuity.
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Before he became a member of the G.I. Joe Team's Fobbit personnel, Brainstorm was Ward Michaelmas, chairman of the physics department at Chicago University. His ideas are often advanced beyond others and with his gleeful personality, tend to paint him with a reputation as a mad scientist. In truth, he simply has a great passion for science. When the Joe Team came calling, part of his induction was to let go of his former life and identity. While most people become despondent at the thought of never seeing their loved ones again, his decision does not appear to be anything he would ever regret.


IDW comics continuity

When Brainstorm was inducted into the Joe Team, his duties has placed him in their think tank where he and other Fobbits engange in R&D of various weapons and equipment. He was called in for his expertise in electronics to examine a cargo the Joes fished out of the Gulf of Mexico.[1] The cargo turns out to be Destro's assault drones. His quick thinking on what the drones' capabilities and actions was essential to bringing them down.[2][3]


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