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The name Breaker refers to several versions of the same character.
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Breaker is a G.I. Joe character in the G.I. Joe film. He is the callsign of Abel Shaz, a Communications Specialist who helped his team by hacking into systems and breaking through firewalls.

He was portrayed by Saïd Taghmaoui.


Rise of Cobra (2009 Movie)

Breaker was first seen during the attempted theft of nanomite warheads by Cobra but was not seen actually fighting. He later was part of the standoff between Duke and the Joes using a pistol. He did not take a part of Duke and Ripcord's training as he was looking for the Baroness's identity after Duke informed them she was his ex-fiance. Before the attack on the Pit he was seen playing chess with Heavy Duty but later helped defend the Pit from Cobra attack. After the battle was over he found the Baroness's current identity and helped discover Cobra's plan to get the nanites weaponized. He later explained to the Joe's of Cobra's plan on the way to the research building in Paris, where he stole Duke's last piece of bubblegum. His role in the battle was mainly telling the pursuing Joes of The Baroness's current location and was arrested with the rest of the Joes save for Duke, who was captured by Cobra, and Snake-Eyes, who escaped custody. During his imprisonment the French Police attempted to use his gadgets only for them to damage it. During the Attack on Cobra's base he took control of the control room with Scarlett and helped Ripcord and Snake-Eyes complete their mission. He was last seen escaping the sinking Cobra base along with Scarlett and Snake-Eyes and was last seen with the rest of the Joes entering a aircraft.

Personality and abilities

Breaker was a science geek who was talented at hacking into systems. However he didn't seem to be a particularly skilled fighter and was not seen fighting at all during the movie despite the fact he was present in several combat scenes. Breaker claimed that he was the best at what he did and was affronted when Ripcord said otherwise. He was also able to speak French.


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The Rise of Cobra (2009)
The first action figure of this version of Breaker is sold via the 3.75-inch figure series from The Rise of Cobra toyline. He comes ready for action with an assault rifle, a handgun, a backpack and a spring-loaded cannon.

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