The Broadcast Energy Transmitter (B.E.T.) from G.I. Joe: The Movie.

The Broadcast Energy Transmitter was a white, tank-like device designed to provide a solution to the planet's energy needs. When deployed, it sends out an EMP-like field out to anything that is electrically powered, such as the robotic weapons platforms used by GI-Joe and other vehicles making them operate independent of their drivers.

Somehow, Cobra-La got news of the device and sent Pythona to Serpentor with orders to capture the device. When G.I. Joe placed it in a secure area, the Baroness reported its location to Cobra and Cobra-La forces, which, against heavy resistance, captured the device and proceeded to use it to activate spores designed to turn humanity into mindless animals. During the counter-attack on Cobra-La, Lt. Falcon activated the device, energizing it to full power which burned up the spores in space and then detonated, destroying not only the device itself but also destroyed Cobra-La after the Joes fled the area.