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Candy Appel is a character from the A Real American Hero comics continuity.
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A Real American Hero comics continuity - Marvel

Bongo the Balloon Bear met the Blowtorch, Ripcord and Spirit when she saw their V.A.M.P. being blown up by Fred II and they asked for a ride to follow Fred's Sedan. Bongo drove the van at first, but when the pursuit became too intense, decided to disembark and lend the van to the Joes for the remainder of the chase. After the Joes lost the Sedan, Ripcord returned the van to Bongo, who unmasked and turned out to be a girl. Celebration!

Blowtorch, Gung-Ho, Ripcord helped Bongo delivering balloons to a party at a carnival, where Bongo revealed her real name to be Candy. While Blowtorch and Gung-Ho went to the roller coaster, Candy and Ripcord went to the house of mirrors, where they were ambushed by Crimson Guardsmen sent by Tomax and Xamot. Candy and Ripcord hid behind some mirrors and ran to the big top, where they faced Tomax until he felt Xamot needed him against the other Joes and left to help him, and they were saved from the remaining Siegies by Footloose (or Longslide in the UK version). Ripcord couldn't explain the whole story to Candy due to being classified, so she left him and told him to not bother to call her. Twin Brothers

The G.I. Joe team find a house in Staten Island that turns out to be the home of a Crimson Guard who escapes with Tomax and Xamot, leaving the house on fire. Candy arrives and when Blowtorch asks her what is she doing there, she tells it's her father's house. Judgments

Duke and Lady Jaye interrogate Candy, believing she may have known about her father's Cobra activities, but she doesn't know anything about it. Walk Through the Jungle

When Candy and the prisoner Dreadnok Buzzer are driven away of the Pit by MPs, Buzzer throws the MPs out of the vehicle and takes Candy as a hostage. Hydrofoil

Buzzer changes the MP vehicle to steal a pick-up, which Candy takes as a chance to run away, but he recaptures her. Buzzer checks the guns inside the pick-up to be unloaded and useless, but Candy finds shotgun shells in the glove compartment and uses the now-loaded shotgun to treathen Buzzer and leave him stranded on the road. Ties That Bind

The pick-up engine fails and Candy has to hitchhike to find a phone to call Ripcord. She is picked by a driver who notices he still has the suitcase of an oriental man he left in Springfield, so they agree to return there to give him the suitcase back. They also pick Billy. They crash with the Soft Master, who was running away from Cobra agents. The Soft Master returns to help them but is killed by Scrap-Iron who then shoots the car by Firefly's order, killing Candy and the driver. Crossroads


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