|BriefSynopsis=Cobra kidnaps relatives of the Joe team and uses mind-control technology to turn the Joes' families against them. Their goal is to steal highly unstable explosive crystals. |Synopsis1= Cobra has a secret lab under a cabin, but a chemical reaction goes out of control and everybody runs before the explosion, which the formation of strange crystals.

At the Pit, Gung-Ho is about to go on vacation to visit his family, but Duke stops him due to an emergency. They talk about the explosion, which caused a landslide that is the reason for evacuating a nearby city, and the debris of the cabin with Cobra sigils indicates their presence. Besides, the G.I. Joe team must investigate the crystals, that are growing each minute, but there aren't enough Joes available; Scarlett, Barbecue, Quick Kick, Shipwreck, Thunder and Spirit have gone to see their families.

Later, at the place, Tripwire notices the explosion wasn't nuclear nor caused by TNT or any other conventional explosive, then what? He tosses a crystal aside and gets his answer when it explodes. The Joes decide to move the crystals to avoid them falling in Cobra's hands. Baroness, who is monitoring the place from a Cobra base, communicates with Cobra Commander. When she reports the situation, the Commander orders an immediate attack, but Baroness warns him that the attack could cause the crystals to explode by a loose shot, and suggests him a plan to get the Joes' families as hostages. Cobra Commander accepts the plan, but they need to know the Joes' identities from the Pentagon computers first.

Storm Shadow sneaks into the Pentagon and manages to get the needed info about Barbecue, Spirit, Gung-Ho, Scarlett, Quick Kick, Shipwreck and Thunder before the security system blocks the data about the other Joes. He defeats some soldiers in his way out. Later, at the base, Cobra Commander sends Tomax, Xamot and the Crimson Guards to help Baroness with her plan.

Meanwhile, the G.I. Joe team is carrying the crystals with Dragonflies and Dusty finds a safe place to test them. Duke tells Lady Jaye that's an emergency, so she must call all the Joes off-duty.

In Los Angeles, MacArthur "Quick Kick" Ito is helping his parents at their store, but receives the emergency signal and must go. He tells his parents it could have been his agent calling for a stunt-double job available. Once MacArthur leaves, Tomax and Xamot arrive and make the Siegies subdue the Itos.

In Atlanta, Georgia, Shana "Scarlett" O'Hara returns to her family dojo to find a sneak attack, but the attackers are just her father and brothers giving her a sparring welcome. Shana doesn't have time for anything else, because her emergency signal begins to beep. She says the truth and leaves. Storm Shadow then arrives with many Crimson Guards. The O'Haras fight well against the Siegies, but they are no rival for Storm Shadow himself. At the end, the father surrenders to avoid his defeated sons to be killed right there.

In Kentucky, Thunder is at his home's garage playing battery and talking to his father, but Thunder's mother and sister are kidnapped by Crimson Guards. Thunder, not knowing this, leaves when the emergency signal sounds. His father is also taken shortly after.

In San Diego, California, Hector "Shipwreck" Delgado finds his nephew Jesse somewhat depressed. Hector's aunt explains them that they felt Jesse was old enough to know he was adopted. Hector goes fishing with Jesse and tells him a secret: he was adopted, too, so they both have to appreciate having had people who loved them as if they were of their own blood. Hector's emergency signal sounds and he must leave Jesse, who is then captured by two Siegies in a speedboat.

In Taos, New Mexico, Charlie "Spirit" Iron-Knife's cousin Vena is ready for her coming of age ceremony, but he cannot stay due to his emergency signal, and his grandfather scolds him for dishonoring the ceremony to answer white man's call, but Charlie knows the Joes wouldn't have called him if it wasn't a real emergency. Vena supports his decision to help his fellow Joes. Some time after Charlie has left, Crimson Guards attack the ceremony and kidnap his grandfather and cousin.

In Boston, Gabriel "Barbecue" Kelly goes to see his father at work in a fire station. The fire alarm sounds and they go to put out a fire and rescue people who has been trapped by the fire. Some burning debris separates Gabriel's father from the rest of the firemen and a rescue team goes after him, but they really are Crimson Guards in disguise. Gabriel, who doesn't know his father has been kidnapped by Cobra, ignores the emergency call to go to save him from the fire, but a fire chief stops him to tell him his father is safe and was taken to the hospital, then Gabriel calms down and goes to answer the Joe call. The fire chief gets into the Siegies' van, where "he" reveals she's really Baroness in disguise.

Meanwhile, Dusty and Footloose put one of the crystals under a sledgehammer and take safe distance. When the hammer hits the crystal, there's a huge explosion that causes a sandstorm. Only a hole remains were the crystal was.

In the Cobra base, the Joes' families are brainwashed, beginning with Thunder's sister Chrissy and finishing with Spirit's grandfather.

Scarlett and the other Joes previously on leave rendezvouz with Duke's team and carry the crystals on a huge vehicle driven by Lady Jaye and Duke while Barbecue, Quick Kick, Scarlett, Shipwreck, Spirit and Thunder escort them in motorcycles. They find a curve, and the Joes in motorcycles head on seeking a Cobra ambush. They find it, but the Cobras expecting them are their families. To be continued...


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|MemorableQuotes1= "Tell me, Commander, who in all of the world would you never let come to harm?"

--The Baroness gets sassy with Cobra Commander.


  • Both Scarlett's civilian and code names were misspelled when they appeared on a Cobra monitor. Her code-name was seen as "Scaret" and her last name as "O'Hala."
  • Thunder's first name is incorrectly spelled as "Mathew" instead of the "Matthew" on his file card.
  • The Ferrets are colored green, rather than the usual blue, when the Crimson Guards kidnap Spirit's family.
  • In one shot, Quick Kick is wearing Shipwreck's shirt.


  • When Baroness pulls of her mask, she already has her glasses on underneath it.


  • The crystals in this episode seem to be a recycled plot from the Transformers episode "A Prime Problem." In that episode, there are highly volatile crystals on a mountain that the villains want to use as a weapon.

G.I. Joe references

  • The general design of the Joes' large ATV is similar to the RTV from G.I. Joe #6.




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