|BriefSynopsis=As Joes and their family members are endangered by the highly explosive crystals, Scarlett and others try to disable the mind-control center.

|Synopsis1=Faced with the brainwashed families, Scarlett tries to sneak past them without a fight but Baroness orders her slaves to begin firing on the Joes. Scarlett tries to reason with her father and brothers, as does Shipwreck with his nephew, and Thunder with his family and the families begin to show signs of resisting the mind control. Baroness orders Dr. Marks to double the power under the risk of destroying captives' minds.

The families begin firing and wreck some of the Joes motorcycles. Fleeing to the safety of their ATV, Duke has Gung-Ho take the rear controls onto Route B. Lady Jaye is worried about driving on a dirt road as it might detonate the crystals while Scarlett and others remain behind to stall their brainwashed families.

As the families unwillingly give chase, Spirit suspects a greater power is controlling them and must seek out the source. As Duke and Scarlett split up, the latter tries to stop their families with knock out gases but the Cobra suits are gas-proof. Gung-Ho carefully drives over the rocky path. Just then, a large rock blockade is seen ahead of the ATV. Gung-Ho decides to take another hoping to not risk a crystal detonation. Just then, the cliff begins to give way while Gung-Ho struggles to hold the vehicle in place.

With their knockout gas ineffective, Scarlett and her party depart while Baroness orders her slaves to chase the truck carrying the crystals. Meanwhile, Gung-Ho narrowly stops the crystals from going off and the ATV continues up the road.

Wild Bill uses a helicopter to drop a net to restrain the captives. The Joes get the net tight around their families and Wild Bill tries to airlift them away, but Xamot and Tomax activate the battle suits' electric power and loosen the net sending the families falling into the water.

The captives float up to the surface of the water but are unresponsive to Dr. Marks' programming. Determined to get the crystals, Baroness has her agent pick up the captives with a Moray net of their own. Although Shipwreck wants to fish out the families, Spirit insists on finding the source of the power controlling their loved ones. Scarlett tells Wild Bill to trail the captives and report their location to Duke, and she senses a nearby Cobra base controlling the hostages like puppets.

Duke radios Footloose and Dusty to meet up with him. As Scarlett's party treks through a forest to find the Cobra base, Duke warns them to find the base within five minutes before they are swarmed by the captives. Baroness orders the brainwashed families to converge on the ATV and Gung-Ho tries to put distance, but Dusty warns there is a town within the blast range of the crystals.

Just then, Scarlett's party finds the hidden Cobra base within the rocks, but Dr. Marks sends Cobra soldiers out to fight. Thunder takes down one soldier with his rifle butt, while Quick Kick subdues two with kicks.

With the mind-controlled families closing in, Dusty tries to kick up dust clouds with his jeep hoping to obstruct the vision but the captives unwilling shoot out the tires on Dusty's jeep and the ATV. With the crystals about to explode, Spirit knocks out the last two Cobra soldiers blocking the entrance to Dr. Marks' base.

The captives unwilling break open a part of the ATV to get the crystals in their view. Baroness then has Jesse pick up a rock ready to bash it against the crystals. Scarlett's party makes it inside Marks' base and Quick Kick takes the doctor by surprise and Marks points out the machine controlling the families. Marks fears that if the machine is tampered with, it will destroy the captives' minds. As Scarlett is contacted by Duke, Marks escapes in the confusion.

Duke tries to stop Jesse from hitting the crystals, but Baroness orders the Joes to surrender the explosive crystals to Cobra immediately. Baroness knows the destruction of the crystals is worth the death of the Joes. Blowtorch believes Marks was bluffing about the families losing their minds forever. Desperate to save the families, Scarlett's party fires on Marks' machinery. Just as Duke is about to concede, the families are freed from the mind control at last. Baroness orders the seemingly motionless Jesse to smash the crystals calling him a "brat", but he comes to his senses.

Duke then informs Scarlett the families are freed from Baroness's control bringing tears of joy to her and her party. Still not defeated, Baroness sends Rattlers out to steal the crystals once and for all. As the families remove their Cobra suits, Duke orders them to take cover when the rattlers come flying in. The O'Haras and Spirit's grandfather volunteer to fight the Rattlers. Scarlett's party exit Dr. Marks' compound and join up with Wild Bill's helicopter group.

Lady Jaye radios the Joes the ATV is under attack and jumps out when the cockpit is hit. As the families race for cover during the intense gunfight, Baroness plans to airlift the ATV and the crystals away. Just then, Wild Bill shoots down a Rattler. Jesse wants to help, but Spirit's grandfather has to keep him safe. While Wild Bill disables another Rattler, Baroness successfully grapples the ATV. With the crystals already in a critical state, Duke gets the remaining Joes and families to safety. Spirit's grandfather shoots down the last Rattler weakening the Baroness's grip on the ATV and crystals. This leaves her no alternative but to loosen the ATV and the crystals land hard causing a terrific explosion.

As Scarlett's party reunites with the formerly brainwashed families, Lady Jaye learns the data file Storm Shadow had stolen earlier contained data on seven G.I.Joe family members; They learn Gung-Ho's real name is Etienne R. LaFitte and his relatives are 137 members of the LaFitte clan currently residing in Fer-de-Lance, Louisiana.

In the forests of Louisiana, Baroness is determined to avenge her previous failure by kidnapping the LaFitte family. She makes her presence known, but the LaFitte family laughs mockingly at her and the LaFitte females show the Cobra troops are detained. The family offers some gumbo, but Baroness flees in fright of being outnumbered and the LaFitte's pet crocodile Chou-Chou.

Gung-Ho arrives to find his family safe and sound but is admonished by his Grand-mere for being late.


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  • While riding on the Silver Mirage, Scarlett's glove briefly turns grey.
  • When trying to disable their captive relatives with gas, Barbecue is wearing a gas mask over his regular firefighter's gas mask.

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