This article is about the Cobra subteam - for the Marvel Comics issue that introduced this group, see Python Patrol (Marvel Comics issue).

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The Python Patrol is an elite unit within Cobra. They have special uniforms that mask their presence to electronic detection systems. They were first introduced in 1989. In 2003 new figures were released as part of Python Patrol.

Action Figures

Python Patrol was first released in 1989 and consisted of six repainted Cobra figures in a green, yellow, black, light gray, dark gray, and red color scheme.

A set of three vehicles were also released in a red and black cross hatched color scheme, mimicking the scales of a python:

Two international figures were released in Brazil called Gathilo and Relampago, as well as a vehicle, the Nija-Hidro Helicoptero (a repaint of the Dreadnok Swampfire).

With the revival of G.I. Joe in early 2001, a Toys "Я" Us-exclusive set was released. This time however the color scheme was based on the 1989 vehicle color scheme rather than green and yellow or light and dark gray camouflages.

In 2004 a two pack featuring a Viper and a Tele-Viper was also released as part of the Valor Vs. Venom line in Python Patrol uniforms but the packaging and file cards make no reference to these figures being in the Python Patrol.


The Python Patrol was introduced in issue #88 of the original Marvel Comics run. Loyal to the imposter Cobra Commander, Python Patrol's technology was developed by Dr. Mindbender in order to help Destro's cousin Darklon increase his company's armament sales. Despite their eventual defeat in a minor border skirmish, the technology proved successful enough for Cobra to continue developing. They later appeared in issues #99, #100, and Special Missions #28.


The same year Python Patrol released Hasbro contracted DiC to produce a new G.I. Joe cartoon. The Operation: Dragonfire mini-series came after a two year hiatus of no new cartoons. It followed the Sunbow continuity. Unhappy with Serpentor's leadership, the Baroness and Gnawghyde kidnap Cobra Commander, who is still a snake as result of being exposed to mutating spores in Cobra-La. Upon discovering an ancient mystical energy called Dragonfire, they use a neanderthal focusing mask and Cobra sonic technology to return him to humanoid form. Upon being restored, the Commander uses the mask and Dragonfire focusing technology to create the Python Patrol. Afterwards, they help Cobra Commander regain control of Cobra from Serpentor.

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