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Sky Patrol was a G.I. Joe subgroup that debuted in 1990. Its primary selling points were past G.I. Joe and Cobra vehicles redecoed with a metallic-silvery coating (which, according to the packaging, gave the vehicles stealth capability) and retooled figures (each with a newly sculpted head) that came with a silvery parachute.


A Real American Hero (1990)


In Brazil, where Sky Patrol was called "Patrulha Do Ar," there were four exclusive figures (two G.I. Joes, two Cobras) that were retools of previous G.I. Joe figures, but didn't feature any new parts.

  • Aguia Commando (made of the head, waist, and legs of Sneak Peek and the arms and chest of Maverick)
  • Albatroz (made up from the head of Maverick, the chest and arms of Sneak Peek, and the legs and waist of Knockdown)
  • Abutre Negro (made of the the head and legs of Dee Jay, the chest and arms of Cesspool, and the waist of Maverick.)
  • Escorpiao Voador (made of the head and waist of Cesspool, the chest and arms of Recoil, and the legs of Scoop.)


  • Sky HAVOC (a redeco of the H.A.V.O.C.)
  • Sky Hawk (a redeco of the Sky Hawk)
  • Sky Raven (a retool of the Night Raven. The Night Raven's drone jet wasn't included with the Sky Raven.)
  • Sky Sharc (a redeco of the S.H.A.R.C.)

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